Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is NatureMori? How does work? is an online aromatherapy webstore in Malaysia. The founder of is a certified aromatherapist. We offer aromatherapy consultation service suit for your need and a wide range of head-to-toe aromatherapy products for your own, for children, for family or essential home use. We sell all types of essential oils, synergy blends, carrier oil,s hydrosols, kid-safe oils, handmade art and craft aroma scents candle, soap and etc.

What makes us different from other online stores? 
At Naturemori, we emphasize on credibility, efficiency as well as after-sales customer care. Our aim is to make your shopping way convenient and comfort from your home, with the best great prices offer. Apart from retail, we also provide wholesale, agents, or affiliates to help salary earners, students and housewives start to earn extra income at home.

Is Naturemori products genuine?
As the owner of is a qualified aromatherapist, we absolutely do not use artificial scented essential oils. We only sell 100% pure essential oils produced in various countries. All our aromatherapy products only use 100% pure essential oils. Only 100% pure essential oils have specific effects and benefits on the human body. All products sold on the are safe and use with confidence. 

Why do some essential oil selling in other online platforms offer the price much cheaper a lot than
We hope that customers buy essential oils based on quality rather than price. The price of 100% pure essential oils is based on the variety, country of origin, extraction method, and etc. of various essential oils. If the essential oil is very cheap, please buy it carefully. Maybe the product title is stated as a pure essential oil. Still, there are mixers with other ingredients, and the concentration will be relatively light. Or the scents may be more fragrant than ordinary essential oils because it's added artificial fragrances. If you contact artificial scented essential oils for a long time, you cannot only experience the effects of pure essential oils, but it is harmful to your body for the long term. Please only buy with a trusted seller who can give you after-sales support and aromatherapist advisor. 

Are all products ready stock?
All products are ready stock except those custom made products. However, if the product ordered is insufficient quantity or accidentally sold out, we will contact you. 

How can I become a member?

If you do not have an account with yet, you can follow below simple steps to become a member.
1) Please click here to register a free member.
2) Fill in all the details, read and agree to tick the Terms & Conditions.
3) Click the “Continue” button.
4) Your member registration is complete, and you can start shopping now!

Do I have to pay to become a member of
NO! It’s FREE. If you have not signed up with yet, register now and enjoy various member discounts, reward points, and attractive benefits. 

What are the member benefits on offers free shipping for the small minimum order, free samples, gifts, point reward, and a discount coupon from time to time. 

What is a coupon and gift voucher?
Coupon is an alternative payment method that can be used to shopping at You can use this shopping cash credit to save more to buy the product you love.

Can I exchange cash coupons to cash?
Unfortunately, the cash coupon is not cashable.

Does the cash coupon have a validity period?
Yes, the cash coupon has a validity period. You can check the validity period of the coupon you have received in the email. Once it is expired, it will no longer be used, so please check the validity period and use it on time!

How can I use coupons and gift vouchers?
Upon checkout, you can key in the coupon code or gift voucher code you received in the redemption box. Your coupon or gift voucher will be applied to the total and reflected in your cart after you click continue to the next step.

I used a coupon, but my order is cancelled. Will it be re-issued?
No. The coupon used will not be re-issued if your order cancelled.

How can I change my details (email, password, phone number, address, etc.)?
If you need to update your information you can login go to “MY ACCOUNT”.

What should I do If I forget my login password?
If you have forgotten your password to login onto, please click the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page.

Can I purchase without registering as a member?

You are allowed to view and add products to the shopping cart as a guest. However, to purchase products you need to be a registered member to complete the order and payment.

How do I place an order with
Here we will show you a quick and simple guide of steps from register till make payment.
1. Click the “Add to cart” button on the products you wish to purchase.
2. Click “Continue Shopping” to add other products into the cart or click “Checkout” to proceed with your payment.
3. You'll reach a log in page where you need to log in to your account using your Username and Password. If you don't have an account created yet, register an account before proceeding with your payment.
4. You'll need to confirm your shipping address on the “Shipping Address” page and click the “next” button.
5. From here, you need to select your shipping methods and click the “next” button.
6. Next, you'll need to choose your payment method then click the “next” button.
7. After all the steps done, you need to reconfirm your billing details and agree on the terms and conditions.
8. Click “Confirm Order” to complete the order.

What are Naturemori points? How do I use them?
Naturemori points are a form of reward that may be used for future redemption. You earn Naturemori points whenever you make a purchase on the website.

What is a shopping cart?
A shopping cart is a convenient tool to help you to purchase multiple products on one go. All the products inside your shopping cart can be purchased with a single payment.

How do I know if my order was successfully transacted?
If a purchase has been successfully transacted, an order confirmation will appear displaying your order number. We will notify you via an email that contains the details of your purchase and an order number. If for any reason the transaction was unsuccessful, kindly place the order again. In case of any doubt, feel to contact us and we will be happy to verify your transaction for you.

How can I check the status of my order(s)?
Please login go to the “My Account” page to check order status. After your order is posted out, your order status will change to “Delivered” with a courier company tracking number attached.

Can I change or cancel my order after making a payment?
You cannot modify or cancel an order after your payment has been made as we may have started the packing and shipment process. However, if you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us and we will try our best to assist you.

What is the product's transaction currency?
All product transaction currency will be done in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR).

I need more information about the products or advice. Who can help me?
Kindly fill in the contact us inquiry form. You may also contact us by WhatsApp. We will be happy to assist you.

What are the payment methods available? accept all online bank payment, credit card, offline transfer, ATM bank in.

For offline bank in, please bank in the payment to the following account:
Bank Name: Maybank
Account No.: 512389649149
Pay To: Nature Mori Creative

If you use offline bank in, please CLICK HERE to send us the payment notification or click below link after you made the payment.

* Your purchased products will not be delivered until we have received your payment notification.
* will not be responsible for funds that are deposited into a wrong bank account. Please ensure that the account number and account name is correct before you deposit.
* Please remember to select "instant transfer" if you using 3rd party bank transfer. Standard transfer may take up to 1~2 working days to clear the payment if no instant fund transfer selected. We only process your order after payment cleared in our account.
* The currency must be in RM (Malaysia Ringgit) when paying from a foreign bank account.
* Please bank in total order amount exactly as we do not send a cash refund. If there any extra balance bank in will credit in the account for next order use. 

Can I pay with Cash on Delivery (COD)?
Unfortunately, we do not provide Cash on Delivery service at your doorstep at this moment. If you need further details of the product before purchasing, please contact us for an assistant.

What is an offline bank in?
This is a mode of payment for those customers who cannot make online payments such as credit cards or online banking immediately. Upon checkout, you can pay via any MAYBANK ATM cash deposit machine, counters deposit, or log in your online banking transfer.

Is there a time limit for offline payment after placing order?
Yes. Please make the payment within two (2) days. Otherwise, our system will cancel your order automatically on the 3rd day.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can pay with ATM cash deposit / ATM Transfer?
If you intend to pay by Cash Deposit Machine, you will be limited to use selected banknotes only. Please make sure the deposit amount is exact or greater than the order amount. If it is overpaid, we will refund with Naturemori credit for the next order purchase. We do not send back the overpaid balance by cash. If it is underpaid, your order will not process until full payment received. 

Is my purchase online transaction secure?
It is our commitment that consumers can shop online securely. We utilize a secure payment gateway using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high-security 128-bit encryption. At no time is your credit card information compromised, nor is it stored on our servers.

My payment failed, how can I make the payment again?
Please login go to my account to view your order history. You could select other alternative payment methods if your first payment was unsuccessful.

I already made a payment, why my order status is still on "Pending Payment"?
Please make sure you already notify us a payment proof for verification. When there is a high volume of payments being made at the same time, this could cause a bit of delay in updating your payment status. If your payment is still not updated after 24 working hours, please contact us.

How do I know if my payment was successful?
Upon payment completion, your order status will be updated to "Processing". You will receive a payment confirmation email. The acknowledgment might not be instant if there is a heavy volume of traffic. If your payment was made but order status has not been updated on after 24 working hours, please contact us.

Where do you deliver to? 

Naturemori deliver order to Malaysia and internationally.

How much is your delivery fees?
Naturemori provides Free Shipping for retail purchase above RM50 for delivery within West Malaysia and above RM100 for delivery to East Malaysia. For purchases below the free shipping amount, a shipping fee will auto calculate when you proceed to checkout.

For international delivery, we ship by traceable parcel mail, and shipping fees may vary based on different countries. You can view your final delivery charges upon checkout or contact us if your delivery country not on our list yet.
* Free shipping not apply to wholesale orders.

When will I receive my order?

Naturemori aims to send out all ready stock orders by courier on the next working day (Monday - Friday) of your purchase after confirm received your payment, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays. Usually, courier companies manage to deliver the parcels within 2 to 3 working days after shipment starts. However, if there are weekends and public holidays peak seasons, shipping can take a longer time.

How long does international shipping usually take?
All international orders shipped by traceable mail. Usually takes longer compared to domestic shipping due to the distance and subject to custom's clearance, transport conditions, and volume of mail traffic. The average transit time for international shipping has been captured as 7 to 21 working days and will require a signature upon delivery. A tracking reference will be provided via email once your order has been shipped out. You can follow up with a related shipping company with your tracking provided.

My order status updated "Delivered" the product, but my tracking is not available?
There could be a bit of delay from shipping companies to update tracking status. If it is not available after 2 working days, please contact us.

Do I need to be present at the time of delivery?
Yes. A person will be required to sign and accept delivery. This is to acknowledge that the parcel was delivered and received correctly.

Can I pick up the product myself?
Yes. You can make an appointment with us and pick up in our pickup point office only. Unfortunately, we do not provide meet up outside. 

Will there be any customs taxes and duty for international delivery?
Naturemori do not responsible for any custom taxes and duty. If there any taxes and duty applied, it may be charged once the parcel reaches its destination. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. As customs and import duties vary, we are unable to tell you the exact costs. Do contact your local customs office to find out about additional charges.

Compliance with regulations: (Nature Mori Creative) is a company regulated under the laws of Malaysia. We operate in Malaysia and all our products comply with all the rules and regulations of Malaysia. We do not guarantee compliance with specific local laws, regulations, or specifications under individual customers' local jurisdictions. 

Do you offer free samples?

Yes. We will give free samples to our customers from time to time while stock lasts.

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What is the Naturemori Affiliate Programme?
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How it works?
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4. Affiliate receive sales commission

How do I earn profits?
For each transaction or sale originating from your website, we will give you a commission. By joining our affiliate program, you can get up to 10% commission when a reader from your website or social media sharing platforms makes a successful purchase on

How do I join the Naturemori Affiliate Program?
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When am I getting paid?
Every transaction requires 15 to 30 days of Sales Validation. Commission payments are sent monthly on the 1st ~ 5th with an MYR100 minimum via bank transfer (Malaysia Bank) or Paypal (Oversea). The sales you generate from the 1st - 30th get paid on the 1st of the following month. Therefore, there is a one-month accounting period before you receive your payout.

I still have doubts!
Sorry that we're unable to clear your doubts in the F.A.Q page. Please kindly fill in the contact us form for us to clear your doubts.